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A e-mail sent to 60 minutes regarding Jack Thompson

Dear sir/Ma'am

I have heard that from time to time Miami attorney Jack Thompson Appears on your
show to talk about the issue of violence in videogames. I am typing to you today
to show you a side to Mr Thompson that a lot of people might not know.

Mr. Thompson, when normally speaking to the public whither it's on television, in
a news article, or on the radio, or even on a podcast. he speaks with a civil tongue.
He show the general public that all he wants to do is keep violent media (games,
movies, and music) out of the hands of minors, which is an admiral goal. However
when members of the video gaming community contact Mr. Thompson, he responds with
foul and harsh language, and resorts to name calling.

Mr. Jack Thompson also hangs around GamePolitics.com, (www.gamepolitics.com) A message
board/News site that keeps people up to date on how videogames effect politics today.
On this board (which I am a member of) He says a number of terrible things. He
has even coined his own slur word for people of the Videogame community. The word
is 'pixelante. ' A large number of people have taken this new word and have worn
it with pride. others (like me) have not. Mr. Thompson on this board sends out a
lot of hate towards people who do not agree with his views. He has received a lot
of hate back. Also The Florida Bar has been sent to investigate Mr. Thompson because
of the many complaints they have received. Mr Thompson's website has been changed
to reflect this.

I would like to share with you the files of some of the posts Mr. Thompson leaves
at GamePolitics.com and some addresses to the websites that have more information
on him.
on these sites and files I'm giving you, You will see that Mr. Thompson has lied
to a lot of people. Including the media, and law enforcement personnel. I believe
these files and websites can say more than I can.

The files are included in a attachment to this e-mail. They are in .zip format.

and the addresses are

http://www.gamepolitics.com (the news stories with the most posts)
http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson (shows the quotes and open letters he
has given.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson (gives a brief history on Jack Thompson
with a lot of information and displays links to back up the information it gives)
http://www.theflabar.org/ (Jack Thompson's new site)

I hope this information is helpful to you And I thank you for your time in reading

Thank you again,

Warren Lewis

I'll post a reply when (if) one comes
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