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Jack Thompson contacted me

Jack Thompson has contacted me.
I left my Name and Email in the comment section.

jack thompson <arrogantattorney@yahoo.com>

Why don't you ask Dennis McCauley, at GP, publicly, why he filed a Bar complaint against me? Do that, please. thanks. Jack Thompson

Here is my reply:


Dear Mr. Thompson,

First I must thank you for your reply to my message. It's good to hear from you again. I will ask and post it in the comments section so you can see it. But first I have a few questions. I will keep them short and to the point.

1. Why would you have me or anyone on the board ask him? I thought you had Dennis' contact information.

2. When alerting the Seattle Police Foundation on Mr. Malone's ties with Take Two Interactive, Why did you not tell them about your ties with the game company through your stocks with them?

3. Why are you accepting money from a video game company that profits off of the glamorization of killing police offices? Especially when this is a company that you are trying to destroy?

4. and finally Why would you buy stocks in a company that you are trying to get rid of? Would you not lose a lot of money doing this?
Anyway, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I will be awaiting your reply.


Warren A. Lewis III
June 19,2006


- Warren Lewis
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