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Check this out! http://www.jackisatroll.com

As I may (or may not) have mentioned I am a member of GamePolitics.com I have some images from the game Final Fantasy VI. I have Location sprites, Character sprites, and object sprites. I will use these "sprites and make comics out of them, like 8-Bit Theatre does. Every now and then will make comics using the sprites for GamePolitics. I call them Jack Thompson comics. I have a charter and location sprites set aside for Jack Thompson. Sometimes the character is called Jack Thompson. Other times he is called Jerk Thompson.

On GP, Jack is nearing is 50th username. I decided to make a fake movie ad. So by plugging my Gamecube into my computer I took a screenshot of a computer in the game Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (It's in the lab where you first meet Otacon for the first time, as well as where you fight the Ninja.) I also used the FF6 charecter sprite I use for Jack Thompson. I also decided to put down a fake website for the "ad." http://www.jackisatroll.com. And a date: May 2006. So I posted this image on GamePolitics. It is one I thought of posting everytime Jack got on.

Later Last night I found out that GamePolitics reader, jdecamp made http://www.jackisatroll.com a reality. on this site so far is the image I posted. Jdecamp said,
"i couldn't let a great idea die. cecil, let me know if you have any issues with what i did here. i don't want to step on any toes, virtual or otherwise ;)."
No toes stepped on here. I think its cool. Jdecamp also mentioned putting up a counter stating how many times Jack has been banned.

Anyway jdecamp, The site cool. My only question regarding it is: Anyway you can add "The List" to it?
(One of the other things I do at GamePolitics is make a list of usernames Jack has used. I update "The List" everytime he makes a new LJ account.)

Again the site is

- Warren Lewis
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