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Another Email to Jack Thompson.

dispite the the threat Jack sent me on April 4th I decided to reply.

Hi Jack.

So. I see you are still trolling. You have made seventeen new accounts since you replied to me.

41 accounts total.

42 total times banned..

This is really tiring. I am also sure this borders harassment. When someone is banned from a message board , it pretty much means that they are not wanted. Not only is your ban-evading grinding my nerves but your attitude in those forums have as well. I am tired of your name calling. I'm tired of your threats. It's funny that you make a lot of talk over a game called bully when you, are a bully. I have also notice you have gotten upset when gamers took a name you used for slander and turned it into a name of pride. A similar thing happened in history with the song Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Also if you don't want people emailing you (or calling you in some cases.) then you need to learn not to post your information everywhere you go. Even on those press releases you give out on GP. You could have censored out that information. Also remember when you go on talk shows to talk about your "crusade' think before you give out your email addresses over the airwaves. I actually would like to see you go on one of these talk shows and tell them about what you really think of gamers. Except that would end up hurting you in the long run. Would it not?

Yeah people on GP post Anonymous names. That's because it's a message board. People who post on message boards use Anonymous names. You have posted under an Anonymous user name. Unless you have 41 names and one of them is columbinesnear. Yes, you post your real name at the bottom but you use Anonymous user names. And on top of that You spent most of last year using an Anonymous account. You started getting LiveJournal accounts when you had no choice but to.

For the record. This isn't harassment. You don't have to read this email. you could delete it. Have put on the ignore list. Funny you say you have the First Amendment right to annoy people. And you have done so with 'harassing' emails to Doug Lowenstien of the ESA and Pat Vance of the ESRB. Everything is well and good as long as you are "using" your First Amendment rights. But you throw a fit when someone else you disapprove (Like a gamer) tries to exercise the same rights.

You know it's funny. 41 LiveJournal accounts. I know of some people who have more than one LiveJournal. they have between two and five, but not 41. You say you have have all these people turn to you for help. And you say you all of these cases. Even that one in Alabama, despite the fact you were kicked off of it. If you have all that work to do you would not have all that time to make all those accounts. Another funny thing You said you don't need a blog. A blog is for people who have nothing to do with their lives. If that's true why do you waste your time posting on someone else's? 41 LiveJourmal accounts. And you say we obsess over you.

Just to let you know, I'm posting this email at several other places online and emailing it to others. Just "in case" you pull something. You might not. But with you one cannot be 'too careful.' The copies should prove without a doubt that I was not 'threatening' or 'harassing.'

Oh and I now, like you end all my post with my real name. but a Anonymous user name is still a Anonymous user name. remember that when you are starting your 42nd Livejournal account. But because I'm a gamer that wont mean anything to you right?

- Warren Lewis
A.K.A. Cecil475

I'll post the reply when I recieve it.

- Warren Lewis
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