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I emailed Jack Thompson

You heard right.
Late last night I emailed Jack Thompson. The insane Miami Lawyer that likes to be rude to a select portion of people becuase they play videogames. He also trolls on the site GamePolitics.com. A site I am a member of.
Also a site he has been banned from at least 24 times. There has to be some cyberstalking laws broken in there somewhere. upset by his namecalling I decided to email this sorry excuse of a human being.

Mr. Thompson.

I am emailing you tonight becuase I am tired of your name calling and your insults.
I don't like being compaired to the Hitler Youth, the Taliban, and the likes of
a drug addict and a terrorist just becuase I play videogames.

You post on a site you are not welcome at. A place you were banned from twenty
four times. One of which was from LiveJournal. And you call us obsessed. You are
not hated becuase you hate videogames. you are hated becuase of your additude. There
are a lot of people in goverment who want to restrict videogames, and they are not
as hated as you. Why? Becuase they don't have your attitude. They dont troll on
message boards, call people a lot of nasty names and then claim that they have a
first amendment right to do so.

Leland Yee for an example Does not troll on fourms, is polite and respectful to
people who do not see his views. Therefore Leeland Yee is not hated. The only time
you are anywhere near as respectful is when you are in the media spotlight. You
arn't going to go on the news and talk shows and call gamers the things you call
them on GamePolitics and elsewhere. Rockstar Games and Take Two, and Sony do not
run my life. Not like they run your life. If anyone is obsessed here it is you.

Something to remember.
Your attiude is the reason your book is failing
Your attitude is the reason you were kicked off the Alabama Trial.
Your attitude is the reason that the "I hate Jack Thompson" shirts exist.

- Warren

In this email I make several good points. His Harassing. His namecalling, The fact He isnt hated becuase he is an "anti gamer" He is hated becuase of his attitude. My Leland Yee example proves that point.
So not too long before now I check my email and find this gem:

My attitude is why I am going to Heaven and you, apparently, are going to
Hell. Please go to Hell more quietly. Thank you. Jack Thompson

PS: Write me again, "Warren," and I'll do something about it.


His trashy attitude is sending him to heaven?! Apparntly he needs to lay off the crack pipe. He likes to babble on GamePolitics that he is on this court case that in reality he was kicked off of last year. 'Go to hell more quietly' is one of his more favorite catch phrases. others include 'Play a suicide game and get good at it. If I write you again you'll do something about it? OH! MY! GOD! JACK OFF THOMPSON IS COMMIN AFTER ME WITH A FIST FULL OF PRESS RELEASSES AND LETTERS TO DOUG LOWENSTEIN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! Er..no I mean RUN FOR YOUR SANITY!!!
Come on "Jack" I'm shaking in my shoes here. You are nothing more than a bunch of empty threats What are you gonna do sue me for 'harassment' something you are a pro at? I mean I didnt even threaten you. I made copies of my e-mails, In case morons like you wanna pull something. You make lawyer jokes funny. 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea is a good start but Jack Thompson at the bottom of the sea is a better start. What a fruit cake. Hey Jack! Ohio called. They want their village idiot back! You don't scare me!I can be scared of quite a few things. You are not one of them!

But hey keep believing you are going to heaven. I'm sure that Lucifer will find it amusing.

Ok for the rest of you that had to go through all that, the rant is over. Sorry for the inconvience.

- Cecil
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